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Welcome to Real Basketball Training ™

Real Basketball Training (RBT) is an exciting and unique program that offers complete and comprehensive training in the development of all basketball skills through our innovative teaching methods. RBT’s training model targets the specific needs of the results-driven amateur, collegiate, and professional athlete.

Improvement is the foundation of what RBT is built on; our progressive and cutting-edge training methods ensure that our athletes have every opportunity to get better faster. By continuing our education in the field of sport-specific and performance training, RBT ensures that improvement NEVER stops.

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  • For anyone whose goal is to develop into a complete basketball player, I could not strongly recommend another coach, as much as I recommend Coach Vlad. The bottom line is that if you are willing to put in the work, he will guide you to the next level.

    Name of athlete and school withheld due to NCAA regulations, PAC 12 Conference

  • Good players need to know how to shoot, dribble, pass, run the floor, defend all positions and play hard. Coach Vlad instills the mentality of hard work and versatility in his players that truly lifts your level of play.

    Name of athlete and school withheld due to NCAA regulations, PAC 12 Conference

  • Coach Vlad is one of the few coaches who understand the intensity which college coaches demand of their players. Training and playing for him prepared me for the atmosphere which I’ve experienced at the next level.

    Stevan Manojlovic, Drexel University | CAA Conference

  • With Coach Vlads’s training and continued dedication and hard work, I believe that the sky is the limit and I can achieve anything I want to.

    Chris Egi, St. Andrews College

  • Real Basketball; the name says it all. I’m a freshman at Ryerson University and Coach Vlad helped me prepare for the next level of basketball.

    Aaron Best , Ryerson University | CIS

  • Coach Vlad has a high IQ for the game of basketball; the little things he would stress have made an impact on my game performance.

    Jahmal Jones, Ryerson University | CIS

  • Coach Matevski is not only the most dedicated coach I have played for, but also the best trainer I have had. What sets him apart from most coaches is his desire and passion to bring the best out of each individual player who is willing to do the work.

    Jake Hill, McKendree University | GLV Conference

  • I can’t think of anyone more qualified to direct a Developmental Program than Coach Vlad. His years of coaching experience provide a great opportunity for dedicated players to elevate their games and take them to the next level.

    Rodney Tention, Assistant Coach | University of San Diego

  • I have had the good fortune to work with, and witness some of the most respected player development coaches and trainers in Canada, and I can say with great confidence the Vlad Matevski is right there at the top.

    Roy Rana, Head Coach | Ryerson University, Nike Hoop Summit, Canadian National Cadet/Junior Team

  • Vlad has the special ability to train an NBA player as well as a young developing player’s skills with an expertise in the Technical, Motivational and Physical areas of basketball training.

    Shay Berry, Executive Vice President | Five-Star Basketball Camp