The RBT’s Skill Development Camps and Clinics provide an excellent opportunity for athletes at various skill levels to improve their skill set.

I have been to some basketball camps that are very repetitive and boring, but in our six weeks together, we seldom repeated a drill more than once. With his surplus of basketball knowledge and drills, Vlad made each day new and challenging, which was essential in my development.

Each athlete is placed in skill groups according to age, skill level and experience, with the opportunity to move up as their skills progress.

Athletes will develop a foundation for playing strong, smart basketball through specially-designed activities, competitions, and game situations that will help build solid habits that lead to successful game-time performance. During the sessions, athletes will learn new ways to control their body and keep it in balance, improve ball-handling. They will learn, not only how to beat their defender, but how to become a great defender, as well. Athletes will learn the various ways to conduct themselves as mature and dedicated athletes, both on and off the court.

RBT’s Camps and Clinics are NOT for every athlete. Are you willing to get up early? Are willing to put in long and intense days? Are you willing to spend time pushing yourself to the outer limits of your comfort zone? Many athletes aren’t willing to take that approach. Since we only have a limited number of spots available in each session, we prefer to accept only players who are willing to take full advantage of their time with us.

Our exclusive training regimen is designed for players whose only goal is to push themselves to attain the highest level of basketball skills that they are capable of achieving – nothing less.

Please contact us for information on availability and fees for our camps and clinics.