Small group training effectively improves players’ skills and decision making when competing against other

Coach Vlad also has the ability to analyze a player and recognize his strengths and weaknesses instantly. In practice we worked not only on fundamentals, but did drills that taught me how to read and understand defenses, in order to become both a smarter and better basketball player.

players of the same skill level. This traditional format, combined with a non-traditional workout plan, can improve overall basketball IQ. Group training sessions are done with 4-6 players in order to provide both an EQUAL LEARNING opportunity and an EQUAL amount of REPETITIONS, which are required for all group participants to improve their skills and decision making.

Before the group is formed we take you through RBT’s assessment session where we evaluate your skill level. Using RBT’s comprehensive skill assessment drills complemented with our professional judgment we highlight areas strength and areas that require improvement.

Only the athletes who are in the similar skill/ability level work together in a group. The rest are offered our personal training, camps or clinics services, in order to elevate their skill level to the rest of the group. During these training sessions, we are prepared to cover any skill in basketball.

Please contact us for information on availability and fee for this training.