Individual training is in a personal setting that provides maximum teaching time and attention to details, with the amount of repetition required to master a specific skill.

His attention to detail, combined with an effective teaching style, keeps workouts fresh and challenging. Players always talk about taking their game to the “next level” . Working with Vlad will guarantee your arrival.

RBT’s training begins with an assessment session, where we evaluate the player`s skill level. Using RBT’s comprehensive skill-assessment drills, combined with our professional judgment, we will highlight his or her strengths, as well as the areas that require improvement.

Once we determine your skill level, workouts are tailored to address the areas that require improvement, as well strategies to enhance your areas of strength. Throughout your workouts, we will constantly apply our training/teaching philosophy by emphasizing the importance of footwork and balance as a cornerstone of success for your skill development.

The training consists of 4-tier levels. Each level involves progressive skill challenges involving footwork and balance, conditioning, basketball IQ, Mental Toughness and overall basketball skill development. The training is tailored to the skill level of each player, and is based on individual abilities. Players that reach a defined skill level advance to the next level. Players must practice in and out of training sessions and complete skills challenges to advance in RBT’s tiered training development program.

Please contact us for information on availability and fees for this training.