Coach Vlad’s RBT has helped teams at all levels improve their game through team and small group training sessions.

Coach Vlad conducted many skill development clinics with my team, which had a lot to do with why our team was always one of the top club teams in the province/country.

He works closely with each team and coach to develop and implement an optimal training practice plan, based on each team’s specific needs, with the ultimate goal of providing Real and visible/measurable results.

Coach Vlad is available to consult with teams and coaches, in order to ensure that each team or small group workout has results that translate to improved performance on the court. Based on your team’s specific needs, Coach Vlad will provide a framework and help implement an optimal training practice plan, using his proven player improvement methods. Some of the areas that we addressed with the teams in the past have included the following:Weak Hand Work, Finishing, Shooting Mechanics and Drills, Passing under pressure, Offensive footwork, Post and Perimeter, Triple Threat Separation, Defensive work and rebounding, Moving without the ball, 2man game and pick n’ roll, Team Chemistry and Leadership, and much more…
Please contact us for information on availability and fee for this training.