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Why RBT?

What sets RBT apart?

RBT’s Teaching Methods

Research shows that there are 5 major components required in order to achieve measurable improvement in any area of learning. These components are:

  1. Diagnostics, A pre-test or baseline of skills 
  2. A comprehensive curriculum
  3. A “road map” or plan 4.
  4. Effective training sessions
  5. An authentic assessment to measure progress

Most athletes have the goal of “maximizing” their training. RBT has developed a program that is congruent with all of the above components. Our training staff has developed a comprehensive curriculum for athletes, in order to: 

I have seen Vlad Matevski on the court, doing individual instruction with players and taking pages of notes, watching him teach skill development.

    • Break down every area of the game
    • Explain what skills are used in those areas
    • Integrate the intangibles that are needed for players to succeed
    • Monitor the acquisition and implementation of training skills

RBT’s Training Environment

Unfortunately, too many sport and academic environments are marred by unmotivated teachers/coaches/trainers, unhealthy and outdated teaching methods and a lack of positive learning opportunities. With RBT, there are no short cuts to success. Athletes are encouraged and pushed to get out of their comfort zone, and to make (and grow from) their mistakes, in an environment carefully designed to foster their development and improvement as a complete player.

Get the Most out of Your Training

Your training sessions should be the best investment you make in your basketball development. We understand that anyone coming to a unique program like this doesn’t want us to waste their time on anything that doesn’t help them improve. As a result, athletes will get as much information and attention as possible in as many memorable ways as possible, from the beginning to the end of their sessions.

He pushes you to your physical and mental limit but produces the results that you desire.

 RBT will teach you how to use those hours in the gym to make significant improvements that produce noticeable results. Athletes will be shown how to train smarter and harder so that their efforts pay off. They will how to ‘chunk’ their training to improve faster. Athletes will learn simple techniques that will help them know that they are improving, which will, in turn, help them build their confidence and inspire them to train more.

If you are an athlete who spends time thinking about how to improve your game, chances are you’ll love our training.

If you aren’t truly committed to getting better, RBT is probably NOT for you.